bridal boxes
designed for you

celebrating black brides

A subscription service presenting Black-owned bridal products

& expert wedding planning help

bridal boxes designed for you

celebrating black brides

A subscription service presenting Black-owned bridal products & expert wedding planning help

Don’t Trip,
You’ve Got The Kit!

Sis, things will happen on wedding day. But, you’ll be ready for anything with our ultimate wedding kit list featuring Black owned products and stores.

The Bridal Box You Want

We’re celebrating you and all that you are, beautiful bride.

Congratulations on your engagement, or vow renewal, or just finding your person cause girl, we know it’s a journey! And now we’re ready to celebrate with you! The team at Black Bride Box is here to help you plan an amazing wedding day, and make sure you have what you need for a beautiful wife life.
Black Bride Box is the only bridal subscription box offering Black-owned, curated bridal products, specifically for black women. Outside of the box, our subscribers receive planning tools and access to wedding industry experts who understand the unique wedding planning journey of Black brides. We’re so excited to help you celebrate your love, your wedding, and your culture – your way!
Our Box

Because Black Girls
Get Married Too

Though trendsetters and style muses, Black women are too often ignored in bridal spaces.

We’re changing that.

You got the ring, now there’s only a million things to do in prep for the big day. Overwhelmed? No worries! Our support for you goes beyond the box. Let us know what you need as a bride so we can tailor your experience!

Each month our subscribers will have access to LIVE discussions with bridal, lifestyle, and health experts in our private Facebook group! Not only will your wedding questions get answered, but we’ll make sure you’re good, glowing, and growing after the wedding.

We’re excited to elevate Black voices in the wedding industry, place Black brides at the forefront of bridal conversations, and create a stronger economic base for black entrepreneurs. We’re committed to featuring Black-owned products for women and brides in every box.

Meet The Founders

Shanta Lauren &
Leslie Lorelle

As a former wedding planner, Leslie was thrilled to be on the other side of planning after getting engaged in 2020. She was eager to choose a bridal subscription box to help her get in full wedding mode. As she scoured different websites, social media, and YouTube reviews, her excitement began to dwindle. She didn’t see brides who looked like her at all reflected in the branding, social media, or content of bridal boxes.

After posting an inquiry looking for Black bridal subscription boxes, Leslie got one response from her childhood friend Shanta Lauren. When Shanta got married in 2006 she struggled to find wedding and bridal items that reflected who she was as a bride. After hearing Leslie was having the same experience 14 years later, she believed they could create a solution. Together, they created Black Bride Box to celebrate beautiful, Black women at a beautiful time in their lives.

Why Black Bride Box?

Our Difference

Other bride boxes claim to help you plan your wedding, but who are they kidding with vague checklists and worksheets they threw in the box? And while some of the box contents are cute, they aren’t always practical for us. With Black Bride Box you’ll enjoy:

  • Specially curated items
  • Surprises in between shipments
  • Discovery of Black owned brands
  • Wedding planning workshops
  • A safe community of support
  • Live chats with industry experts
  • Chances to offer suggestions on box items
  • Exceptional customer service

Ready to join the Black Bride Box community?

“Black Bride Box is the perfect companion to wedding planning! After personally working with bridal boutiques, photographers, and other industry professionals to help expand services designed for Black brides, I’m thrilled Leslie and Shanta created a unique way Black brides can get the support they deserve.”

- Porscha Outen, Celebrity Event Planner &
Public Relations Professional

Tap In!

How are you feeling, Sis? Whether you’d like to share ways you want to see Black brides supported, have some feedback for us, or want to learn how to join the Black Bride Box team, send us a note. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Our Gift To You

Stress less on wedding day knowing you have a tool kit of
everything you need. Grab our ultimate kit list now!